Thursday, August 2, 2012

Liberal Stupidity: Fighting Coal and Fracking At The Same Time

As most of us know, Obama and his left-wing EPA are bound and determined to shutdown every coal-fired power plant they can with almost ridiculous environmental regulation requirements.  At the same time, the EPA is looking to see if a process called "fracking" should be banned in the U.S.  But, you see, fracking has made natural gas prices extremely cheap.  In fact, much cheaper than coal.  And, it is the competition from cheap natural gas that is shutting down many of the coal plants in this country.

The stupidity, here, is that people like Obama are picking fights with the coal industry and pissing off their own politicians and liberal constituents in states like West Virgina that are heavily dependent on coal.  And, they don't have to.  They could just stand aside and let private sector competition do what they wanted to.  Liberals should be embracing fracking for saving the planet from dirty coal.  Not trying to shut it down.  Further, the current EPA has yet to prove that fracking hurts the environment.  They've filed three lawsuits to block, and have had to drop all three for the lack of sound scientific facts.

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The low price of natural gas resulting from the shale boom has led to reduced coal consumption and made the shutdowns necessary, experts say:

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