Saturday, October 27, 2012

With Newsweek's Decision To Go All-Digital: A Win For Conservative Politics!

Make no mistake about it, Obama and the Democrats could always count on Newsweek to show liberals in the most outrageously favorable light.  Obama, alone, has appeared positively on dozens of Newsweek's covers over the last 4+ years. At, the same time, Republicans could count on that rag-mag to present conservatives negatively:

So, when Newsweek decided to stop the printing presses and go all digital, the print media, as a whole, became a lot fairer.  No longer will millions of people be able to pass a newsstand on the street or in the supermarket, and see cover stories like the one, above, dissing Romney.  This is important, because, all too often, people form opinions based on a magazine cover they see or the front-page newspaper headline they read, without even buying that magazine or newspaper to read the actual story.  No longer will thousands of waiting rooms have copies of Newsweek laying around; praising the political left while criticizing conservatives. For this reason, this is truly a win-win for national, conservative politics.

--- Story: Washington Post: Newsweek to end print publication at year’s end

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