Thursday, July 17, 2014

A New Style Of High End, Low Risk Burglaries: Facial Recognition

Recently, a new app hit the marketplace for your smart phone. Its called "NameTag".  It gives users access to a powerful facial recognition system that is able to isolate and identify the photo of someone against the millions of other photos on social media sites.  Simply snap a picture of someone, and if they are out there on the internet, their name and other information will be displayed.

Now, picture this.  You're fairly well to do, and you and your family pull into a local sports stadium for the big game.  Your high-end car attracts attention and a picture is taken of you and your wife.  Using NameTag, the person taking the pictures is now aware of  at least one or maybe both of your names. Combine that with some inexpensive background check service and voila', any criminal in the world will not only know where you live but, also, know your wealth status and, most importantly, can assume that you'll be away f rom home for at least a couple of hours watching a sporting event.  Just enough time to ransack your whole house.

This is just another reason to be as discreet as possible when using social networking sites.


Facial recognition app matches strangers to online profiles:

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