Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Blame-Game and Lies About the Border Immigration Crisis

The explosion of unaccompanied children crossing our southern border -- up 92% just this year under Obama's watch -- has caused the President and the Democrats to find anyway possible to blame the Republicans -- and even George W. Bush -- for this crisis.

Obama blames the Republicans for not passing immigration reform. However, there isn't a single,  change in the proposed policies -- from either the Democrats or the Republicans -- that would have prevented or stopped this current wave of children from asking for asylum from violent countries like El Salvador, Honduras, or Guatemala.

They are coming here because they are aware of an existing law --  the Trafficking Victims and Violence Protection Act -- which mandates that border agents must accept any child into this country who is seeking asylum from violence in their own country.  And, they can't be deported without having  a legal hearing as to whether or not they were truly endangered. Even if we added 700 miles of new fencing, any of these children could go to a cross-border checkpoint, and our agents must accept them.

Now, with regard to the Trafficking Victims and Violence Protection Act, there are those who are attempting to blame George W. Bush for its reauthorization in 2008. But, there are three facts that aren't being told about the 2008 law.  First, it was originally signed by Bill Clinton in 2000 and had to be renewed several times because it always carried an automatic sunset date.  The 2008 renewal not only pertained to human trafficking, but also included a new amendment covering asylum for unaccompanied alien children fleeing violence. That amendment was written and promoted by a Democrat, Senator Dianne Feinstein, in her role as the Chairperson of the Democrat-controlled Senate Judiciary Committee.  Bush may have signed it into law but the "unaccompanied rule" was a Democrat-led initiative. Secondly, it expired in 2011 and had to be reauthorized and signed by President Barack Obama in 2013.  This 2013 reauthorization seems to have been the impetus for the current wave of children exploding into the crisis we are now seeing.

So, it's pretty simple.  If the Trafficking Victims and Violence Protection Act is repealed or amended, the problem would, in all probability, go away.  However, none of our politicians -- on either side of the political aisle -- are going to put their name on a law that would heartlessly return children to a life of violence and possible death.  Personally I don't see any way of ever stopping this.

However, what I am afraid of, is that many politicians will push for reuniting these children with their parents in "this" country and not their own.  If this does happen, it will create a new method for immigrants to gain legal access into the U.S. by simply sending their kids to the border.  Thus, they will succeed in bypassing our existing legal immigration laws.  And, the surge of aliens into our country will only be amplified.


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