Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Why Obama Won't Be Impeached and Why He Could Be

Normally, Democrats are totally dismissive of everything Sarah Palin says or stands for.  After all, she's one of those wacko Tea Party people and a former losing V.P. candidate of John McCain's.  So, it was interesting that, all of  a sudden, the Democrats and the White House are taking her seriously when she said Obama should be impeached. The only reason that her words have resonated with Democrats is because they think that her they can be used as a campaign and fund raising tool.  As a result, there is a concerted effort to convince America that Palin, is somehow, speaking for all Republicans.  What better way to get Democrats out to vote in the fall, or to stimulate fund raising to defeat the Republicans in November, than to make them think Republicans are poised to impeach their beloved President?

Of course, all this talk is just that: Talk.  There is no way that the Republicans are going to put themselves on record as attempting to impeach the country's first Black President.  That is the very reason that Boehner is trying to sue the President instead. Further, America doesn't want Obama impeached.  A recent poll by ORC/CNN revealed that only about a third of those questioned believe he should be impeached.  Not anywhere close to a majority.  This is despite the fact that 45% thought this he has exceeded his powers.  But again, most said, not enough for that extreme action.

What could result in this President's impeachment is if Democrats start calling for it.  Only then should Republicans even think about proceeding.  This could happen "if" there is a substantial loss for the Democrats in the Fall and "if" they, in general, believe that Obama could seriously hurt them or their next Presidential candidate in 2016.  But, these "if's" have about as much of a chance of happening as  lighting striking thrice; not just twice.


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