Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Is Mexico Our Lethal Dirty Bomb Threat?

In December of last year, the Mexican authorities were fortunately, able to recover radioactive material that had been stolen two weeks earlier.  The fact that it was able to be taken in the first place raised fears that, in the wrong hands, this kind of nuclear material could be used to create extremely lethal  dirty bombs.  Fortunately, the thieves in this case contaminated themselves because they were totally unaware of what they had stolen.

Now, just about 8 months later, another container full of radioactive material was again stolen in Mexico.

As a country with such a porous border, the United States should be extremely concerned about the apparent lack of security accompanying these transports through Mexico.  It would only take one of these shipments and a limited amount of expertise to smuggle this it into our country and turn it into a deadly bomb using conventional explosives.

These two stories should serve as a wake up call to all those who think we don't have to beef up the security on our southern border.  Not just to keep illegals from entering but, to keep us safe from what could be a serious threat.


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