Friday, July 18, 2014

Obama's Weekly Address Gets Pinocchio'ed..But How Many Americans Knew It?

In this week's address, President Obama decided to hammer the Republicans over John Boehner's decision to sue him for the lawless actions of using executive orders to delay and change current laws without any Congressional involvement, approval, or legislative action.

In that address, there was a line that was almost exclusively reported by the national media. The President stated that:
"So far this year, Republicans in Congress have blocked every serious idea to strengthen the middle class. Lifting the minimum wage, fair pay, student loan reform - they've said no to all of it..." 
So, as in the case of a CBS report and many others, most American's got the "news driven" notion that the President was speaking the truth when he blamed the Republican House for inaction; never once alluding to the fact that he was perhaps stretching the truth when he claimed that "every serious idea" was blocked.

However, one main stream media giant, the Washington Post, did take the time to admonish Obama by showing that many "helping-the-middle-class" laws were passed by the House and were either signed into law or left to languish in the Senate where Harry Reid selectively brought votes to the floor only when they gave political advantage to the Democrats. For Obama's lying, the Washington Post gave the President "3" big Pinocchios.

The problem is that this was only seen by those who took the time to read the Washington Post's online blog, or to watch Fox News to see the coverage of the "3 Pinocchio" story.  As a result, most Americans probably believe that the middle class is now worse off, thanks to the GOP.

The media is doing a disservice to this country by allowing Obama to lie in his weekly address and not publicly admonishing him for it.  The Boehner lawsuit is what is needed to, once again, allow us to,  maintain the division of powers and to stop the lawless actions of the President.  A fact that was so eloquently testified to by the eminent liberal law professor Jonathan Turley in a recent hearing before Congress.


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