Monday, September 12, 2016

Hillary's Health Problem(s) Just Became More Certain

When Drudge published this photo of Hillary Clinton having to be held up by several staffers while going up a small flight of stairs, many questioned her health.  This is especially true given her history of falling (noted in the above screen shot).

But, when she fell sick at yesterday's 9/11 ceremony, an even more "wobbly" event took place as shown in the YouTube video (linked below).  It appears clearly that something is wrong with this woman.  Looking like a stumbling drunk, the incident looks too much like the photo above; but worse.  Of course, the Clinton staffers were quick to say she was simply "overheated" at the 9/11 ceremony.  That would be believable if the temperature wasn't just 80 degrees at the time.

I think its time that the American people hear the whole truth regarding Hillary's health.  Only 3 days before the 9/11 collapse, a survey was taken. 250 doctors were polled who feel that her health concerns looked serious.  Historically, it wouldn't be the first time presidential health issues were covered up: like a wheel-chair bound FDR, or JFK taking steroids for his Addison's disease, strong pain meds for a bad back, and anti-spasmodics for colitis.

 Perhaps CNN should rethink their firing of Dr. Drew for his negative analysis of Hillary's health.


Video: Hillary Clinton leaves 9/11 ceremony sick and almost falls. Needs help getting into van:

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