Thursday, September 8, 2016

Trump's Impossible Dream for Detroit

By any measure, the city of Detroit is a perfect example of the failure of Democratic rule in many of our major cities.  Run by Democrats for decades, the Motor City has the highest black population of any city in America. 81.6% of Detroit is African American.  Unfortunately, it is also the most violent. At its peak, it had 1.8 million residents.  By 2013, only 689,000 could claim residency.  Worse yet, 47% of Detroit's residents are functionally illiterate and can only read at a fourth grade level or below.  It is the poorest big city in the country with 40.1% living below the poverty line.

Illiteracy and crime will not bring good jobs and businesses back to this town. It will take decades of reform to improve the educational system sufficiently enough to attract hiring by well-paying businesses, and, the high crime rate will just continue to cause people to leave the city in fear.

In light of all these problems, it may seem that there is no way that anyone can put this town back together.

However, in the short term, Trump could attract new businesses to the Motor City by declaring Detroit an enterprise zone.  In other words, give tax breaks for every new job a business creates.  He can also provide substantial tax breaks for any company who relocates to, or starts a  new business there.

Another way to help rebuild the city would be to start a revitalization program.  Using federal funds from the Department of Education, they can take unskilled and unemployed men and women, and train them to rehab properties while learning trades such as painting, carpeting, dry walling, etc.  A program like this would help gentrify entire neighborhoods and attract people back to the city; while preparing many  for new careers.

Sadly, because Hillary will be elected, Detroit will never see any movement towards the rebuilding of a once vibrant city.  There are only so many "green" jobs Hillary can create to get Detroit and America back on its feet.  Sorry for the sarcasm (Not really!).  At least, Trump's trip to Detroit has focused a bright light on the condition of many black lives in America.


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