Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Hillary vs.Trump Debate: No Clear Winner

On the Tuesday following the presidential debate, leading liberal media outlets declared Hillary the winner.  Right leaning media outlets thought Trump the winner.  Snap-shot online polls followed the same trend depending on the right or left leaning of the outlet taking the poll.  But, online polls are historically biased towards the politics of the media outlet conducting it, and thus, are highly unreliable.

I personally think the debate was, at best, a tie.  Trump was good at the beginning but lost ground in the second half by not taking advantage of obvious openings and distortions of facts.  For example, when Hillary talked about a single architect being stiffed by Trump, he should have countered with the thousands of jobs that Trump properties have created.  And, it certainly didn't help Trump to have the moderator, Lester Holt, clearly take sides, badger, and constantly interrupt him.

The only way we will know who had the best night, is if the polls going forward shift.  If Trump's improving poll numbers start to slide again, Hillary can be confident that she won the night.  Obviously, the inverse effect would reveal Trump as the winner. However, I think the polls won't show much movement either way.  Just my opinion.


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