Monday, September 26, 2016

Was This the Reason for the Charlotte Policeman's Killing of Keith Scott?

Just recently, the Brennan Center for Justice released its 2016 preliminary report of projected year-end increases in violent crime activity in the 30 largest cities.  Based on the news reports, one would think that Chicago would be number one on the "Brennan" list.  But, no.  Instead, San Antonio saw the largest increase in projected violent crime for 2016 at 52.5%. In second place was Charlotte, with an increase of 22.5% over 2015.  Chicago was actually third at 16.2%.

While spending years working as a manager, I can honestly tell you that when the workload increases unexpectedly, the level of stress goes up, and even the best employees, will start to make mistakes.  This is apparently the case for the police in Charlotte.  A 22.5% projected increase in violent crime, along with increases in almost every other category of crime in 2016, has apparently caused a quick increase in stress in just a short time.  The police chief has called for enough money to hire 50 more officers, 20 additional dispatchers, and five more crime scene techs, in order to deal with the relatively fast increase in crime activity.

I can't say that stress was solely responsible for the police shooting and killing of Keith Lamont Scott, but it certainly could have been a contributing factor.  And, why, unlike other cities, Charlotte's crime rate is soaring is a question that has to be addressed to insure that police aren't overworked; making what is already a tough job a lot tougher.


Study: Violent Crime And Murders Slightly On The Rise This Year In Largest Cities:

Charlotte-Mecklenburg: Crime on the rise in nearly every major category:

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