Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Are We Headed Towards a Constitutional Crisis?

Ever since Donald Trump was elected, a bunch of "not my President" protestors hit the streets.  Some rioting.  Additionally, there has been an online petition, with now more than 4 million signatories requesting that the members of the Electoral College switch their votes to Clinton.  To top it all off, the leader of the #NotMyPresident movement, Jon Gedney, has published and distributed the names and personal info for all of the Trump electors.  Of course, those electors are now getting threats.

Simply, if Trump is not duly put into office by the Electoral College, there will be a meltdown in this country reversing the will of nearly 60 million disenfranchised citizens who legally elected Donald Trump.  In other words, we will have a full-blown Constitutional Crisis on our hands.  This could be seriously dangerous to the stability of the country.

For this reason, both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama should call for the end to the #NotMyPresident movement for the good of the country.


Distressed ‘Not My President’ group publishes personal contact info on Electoral College officials:

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Constitutional Crisis:

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