Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Could the Recount Have Been Pre-Planned?

While reading a number of articles regarding the recounting of votes in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, I ran across one that intrigued me the most.  Written by Richard Baehr at the American Thinker, he surmised that the whole purpose of the recount is to run out the clock on determining the final winner in those three states so their electoral votes are dropped from the final count.  Thus, Donald Trump would be deprived of the win because he would not achieve the requisite 270 votes.  As a result, it would be up to the Republican controlled House and Senate to determine the final victory for Trump and Pence.  In doing so, the election results would be delegitimized in the minds of millions of Americans.

That is an interesting viewpoint.  But, when you think about it, the groundwork for the recount -- based on the hacking of the voting apparatus of several states -- was laid weeks before the election.  Back in August, the FBI alerted us that the voting systems in Illinois and Arizona were under assault. Then, on October 1st, the Department of Homeland Security confirmed that voting systems in 20 states had been targeted.  Thus, the stage was set for a potential recount.

Its  also interesting that Jill Stein filed for recounts in those three aforementioned states on the basis that she wants to make sure the voting system wasn't hacked.  But, what about the two states -- Illinois and Arizona -- that the FBI already said were under attack.  Instead she went after three states that went to Trump and that, in total, would deny him a win if the manual counting of ballots went beyond the cutoff date for confirming a winner in those states.   I am sure this is the case.  A week ago, we were told that Stein had nearly $5 million in support of a recount in all three states.  Yet, she waited until the very last minute before filling the petition in Wisconsin.  Thus, insuring the least amount of time left to conduct a recount.  As of this writing, she still hasn't filed in Michigan and Pennsylvania; and, I am sure that it is for the same "delay of game" reason.

However, the biggest thing that makes me think that this is both political and pre-planned, is that Jill Stein is driving this.  Even if all 50 states were recounted, she couldn't win.  In my opinion, if Clinton feels cheated of a win, she should be the one driving it.  But, she isn't.  For this reason, I think her dirty fingers are all over this effort. Further, as most strategists have noted, recounts of vote differences of the magnitude in those three states have almost a zero chance of reversing the win.  Because of this, the theory that the intent to delay the results past the drop dead dates for the Electoral College is even more believable.

If in fact, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania are dropped from the Electoral College vote count and Trump is denied an outright win by an ongoing recount effort, it will be a travesty created by taking advantage of a weakness in our voting system by someone who had zero chance of winning.


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