Thursday, November 3, 2016

The Damnatio Memoriae of Huma Abedin

In Latin, the words "damnatio memoriae" literally means to "condemn memory to damnation".  In reality, it is to strike the name of someone or something forever.  It is someone or something that is so reviled, the name should never be spoken again.  History is littered with incidents of "damnatio memoriae".  In this country, Benedict Arnold achieved such notoriety with his image and name being stricken from the United States Military Academy.  He is now only referred to as a "Major General. Born 1740". Most recently, we are seeing the "damnatio memoriae" of the Confederate flag. 

This brings us to Huma Abedin and the emails that were found on a laptop that was shared between herself and her disgusting husband Anthony Weiner.  Following that disclosure, Hillary has never spoken her name again.   Instead, she refers to the Vice Chairwoman of her campaign as "one of her staffers".  Wow!  What a demotion!  She might as well be one of the volunteers handing out bumper stickers at one of Hillary's campaign events. On top of that, Huma has been relegated to civilian life and appears to be completely off the campaign trail.

I think the "damnatio memoriae" of Huma demonstrates that there is something "there", there, in the FBI investigation.  If Hillary believed that Huma did nothing wrong, she would be defending her previous closest friend. But instead, it appears that Huma has been thrown under the bus; with perhaps, the bus backing over her once again for good measure.


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