Monday, November 14, 2016

Trump Didn't Beat Hillary. Hillary Beat Hillary!

Over the next few weeks, expect a flood of analysis as to how Trump won; and, of course, how Hillary lost.  But, one thing we already know is that the coalition voters that Obama put together fell apart. Note this chart that appeared in an article by Jason Easley at the PoliticusUSA website:

Simply, Trump under performed both John McCain in 2008 and Mitt Romney in 2012 in total votes.  And, as such, he probably should have lost. However, more importantly, Hillary lost many of the votes that Obama garnered in 2008 and 2012.   While Hillary managed to win the popular vote by a couple hundred thousand votes, she captured those votes in all the wrong places; leaving Trump to win the electoral college and the Presidency.

In addition, as CNN is reporting,  Hillary greatly under performed among Latinos, Blacks, and younger voters:

Even more astonishing is that Trump did surprisingly well among both Blacks and Latinos.  Two groups that supposedly hated him.  Then, as the website 538 is reporting, Trump beat Hillary among white women who voted 53% for Trump against 43% for Hillary.  But, Hillary did much better with college educated women: 51% to 45%.  Still, the supposedly misogynist Trump did well against Hillary for the women's vote.

For whatever the reason or reasons,  Hillary just couldn't put together the votes to win.  To me, her flaws greatly outweighed those of Trump. The media may be responsible, also, for publishing big polling leads that she commanded during the closing days of the campaign.  Often big reported leads are a form of voter suppression.  Some voters tend to stay home if they think their candidate is a shoo-in and doesn't need the extra votes.

As bad a candidate as Trump was, he still beat Hillary.  One can only wonder what the results would have been if someone more electable than Trump ran against her.  Perhaps a landslide!


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