Thursday, November 10, 2016

Obama Was on the Ballot and He Lost

More than anything, Donald Trump's victory was not about defeating Hillary Clinton, but instead, defeating 8 years of Barack Obama.  Eight years of going around Congress with executive orders.  Eight years of stagnant wages; high poverty; slow economic growth; and more than 28,000 new regulations.  Then, of course, there was ObamaCare.  At a time when we were hearing nothing but bad news about that law, Hillary was proudly declaring that she would build on the success of it.  Trump said he would repeal it.

Then, we see the state of the world that Obama is leaving us with.  The Middle East is on fire.  Russia and China are constantly testing us.  There are now fewer people working in manufacturing jobs than  government jobs.  Crime and murder, after decades of decline, are rising.  Call it the Ferguson effect.  I call it the Obama effect. Having his Justice Department riding rough shod over city police departments, has so negatively affected morale, the police have stopped doing their jobs. 

No,  Hillary didn't lose.  Obama did.  Every poll taken with regard to the direction of the country said "the people" believed the country was on the wrong track.  I would expect Trump to do everything possible to reverse the past 8 years of Obama from the face of our government; and hopefully, get this country back on the right track.


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