Friday, February 17, 2017

The "Flynn" Fiasco Leaves a Lot of Questions

Forced to resign as Trump's National Security Advisor, former Lieutenant General Flynn apparently had someone eavesdrop on a call he made to the Russian Ambassador, prior to Trump even taking office. Then, the details of that call were leaked to the New York Times and Washington Post.  So, this brings up a number of questions:
  • Was it Flynn's phone or the Russian Ambassador's phone that was being tapped? Or both?
  • If it was Flynn's phone that was being tapped, then why?
  • Is there a "shadow government" at work within the Trump Administration that is out to undermine the activities of this President?  One that goes beyond the tapping of Flynn's phone?
  • Then, there is the obvious question of who leaked the information.
  • Because of all of the above, one has to wonder if loyalists to Obama or the Clinton's are behind this?
In my opinion, this is a serious issue that must be investigated; and not by Democrats alone.  


Democrats call for an Investigation of Flynn:

Obama’s Shadow Presidency Well-funded Organizing for Action promises to crack conservative skulls to halt the Trump agenda:

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