Monday, February 13, 2017

Will the Indivisible Guide Divide Democrats?

Just days after Trump's win,  George Soros and other big Democrat donors huddled together with Nancy Polosi, Elizabeth Warren, and Keith Ellison to come up with a strategy to resist Trump's agenda and take back power.  Thus, the hashtag #resist came to be.

But, something else may have also arisen from that meeting: the Indivisible Guide.  Essentially, this is a cookbook for progressive activism to #resist Trump by confronting GOP Congressmen and Senators in an effort to force them to block Trump's agenda.  The "Guide" instructs activists to confront GOP lawmakers at their Town Hall Meetings, public events (like ribbon-cutting ceremonies), at their offices, and even their homes.  The Washington Post wrote about this new age of disruption tactics in a piece titled: "Swarming crowds and hostile questions are the new normal at GOP town halls".

Of course, these activities are all Constitutional as long as they are peaceful,  but already some are crossing that line.  Further, people with concerns other than what liberals are concerned about are being drowned out.

Now, should these tactics turn violent and become overdone, it is quite possible that they may backfire by damaging the chances of some Democrats being elected or reelected.  Several Democrats are in vulnerable positions going into the 2018 mid-term elections.  And, lets not forget that Trump won the election in the battle of ideas.  Not those of Hillary Clinton.


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