Monday, February 27, 2017

Trump to Cut Government Regs by 75%?

In a meeting with business leaders, Trump stated that he would cut federal regulations by 75% or more.  Really?  That is impossible; given the shear magnitude of regulations in this country.

We have 75,000 pages of tax code.  ObamaCare has spawned 20,000 pages of new healthcare regulations.  During the Obama administration, almost 82,000 new pages of regulations were generated across all agencies of government.  A record.  And, George W. Bush was no slouch either.  His administration and Congress generated more than 79,000 pages of regulations during his terms in office.

Here's the reality.  The members of Congress call themselves "law makers".  That's what they think their job is.  Not "law cutters".  So, the pile of laws simply keeps piling up.  Thus, for Trump to eliminate 75% of regulations, he's going to need a lot of cooperation from the very people who make those laws. I don't see that ever happening.  It's just not in their DNA.


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