Thursday, February 16, 2017

Univision's Jorge Ramos Calls Trump a "Deportation Czar"

In a recent verbal tussle with Sean Hannity,  Hispanic journalist Jorge Ramos used some theatrics to slam Trump for separating families through deportation.  He pulled out a photo of a woman, Guadalupe García, and her two children and tore the photo apart, leaving her pictorially separated from her children.

Apparently Trump's Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)  deported her just a week earlier; literally leaving her children alone and "motherless".  Also note that she was being deported because of felony identity fraud. Just in case you don't think that her deportation was without cause.

Of course, this all sounds like a terrible situation.  However, if Ramos had done his homework, he would have found that  ICE reported that in 2013, alone, 72,410 parents of U.S. born children were deported under the Obama Administration; also tearing their families apart.  The writer of that story, which appeared at the Huffington Post, also reported this:

"When a parent is deported, their U.S.-born children sometimes leave with them. But some stay in the U.S. with another parent or family member. Some children end up in U.S. foster care."

Where was our "ace reporter," Mr. Ramos, when all that was taking place?  72,410?  That's a lot of photos that he would have had to tear apart to make a similar point about Obama.  Apparently, Trump has a lot of catching up to do to rightfully wear the "deportation Czar" crown.


WATCH: Ramos Complains That Trump Deporting Illegal Immigrants Will ‘Destroy’ American Families:

Deportation Separated Thousands Of U.S.-Born Children From Parents In 2013:


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