Wednesday, February 1, 2017

What Trump Should Have Learned From His Travel Ban Order

Besides causing numerous left-leaning protests at our nation's airports, President Trump's travel ban had the nation's media running around trying to find anyone who had been "wronged" by his actions.  Fox news reported this:
"Family reunions were blocked, refugees from war-torn countries were turned away and border agents detained scores of unsuspecting travelers at airports as the U.S. began a chaotic implementation of President Donald Trump's plan to fight terrorism by temporarily stopping citizens of seven nations from entering the country."
CNN tried to put a "face" on all those they could find who were "unreasonably" harmed by Trump's executive action.  Even the Dallas Morning News found a family of an ex-U.S. Army translator who had traveled overseas and then, because of Trump, was not allowed back in the country.

This should all be a warning to Trump.

His hasty and poorly thought out executive orders, are giving the press plenty of ammunition in their fight to destroy his presidency.  The press is always out there waiting to jump on any collateral damage that Trump might cause.  Even though the temporary order, itself, could result in a major benefit to the country.  This is why the repeal of ObamaCare has to be handled delicately --- a talent that Trump, so far, seems incapable of.  If not done right, the media will find -- just like now -- every possible person who has been harmed by its repeal.


Tears and detention for US visitors as Trump travel ban hits:

These are the faces of Trump's ban:

Family of ex-U.S. Army translator caught in the middle of Trump's travel ban:

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