Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Our Military in Obama's Barber Chair

If gangs were increasing throughout the United States, would you, in response, REDUCE the capabilities of our police in order to combat them? Would take the weapons away from our policeman at a time that they were most needed? Would have them become less protected by removing their bullet-proof vests? Would you stop any development of new technologies that would help find and defend against gang activities and their movements?

I think the only logical answer to the above would be a resounding NO! Only a fool and the fool hearty would ever say "yes" to such ideas. Obviously, those actions would be "to" turn over our streets and neighborhoods to the gangs; not to defend ourselves against them.

So, why then, would Barack Obama promise to effectively disarm our military at a time when the world is getting even more dangerous? (Click to see a video of Barack Obama's plans for our military) Why would he stop research into a defensive weapon system like the anti-missile shield that could "protect" both us and our allies against rouge nuclear attacks from nations like North Korea or Iran? Why would he slow or even stop research into new weapons systems at a time when China is building a massive military complex; and, at a time when Russia seems to be moving into the realm of trying to regain prominence as a Super Power? Does he think that the world-wide threat of nuclear armament will go away if we weaken ourselves through disarmament? Does he naively think that Russia is the only valid ICBM (Intercontinental Ballastic Missile) and nuclear delivery threat in the world? Isn't he aware of the nuclear development in North Korea and Iran with a parallel development of ICBM missile systems that could, ultimately, reach our own shores? Is he completely unaware of the ramping up of weapons in Venezuela that could threaten Colombia and the rest of the Americas?

If anyone knows the story of Samson and Delilah, they would know that Samson lost all his power through a simple "haircut" from his love: Delilah. As a result, Samson was betrayed by her to the Philistines. The word Delilah, in Hebrew, means to weaken or unprotect and is a synonym for betrayal. It appears that if Obama is elected, much of the power of our military will be in the hands of this new "Delilah." We will be weakened and unprotected and we will be just as betrayed by him as Samson was by Delilah.

With Obama's plan for our military, we won't need just a national health care program. We'll need a national burial expense program, too!

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