Thursday, May 15, 2008

Your Guilt is Showing, Obama!

Today, President Bush gave a speech before the Israeli Knesset. In that speech he condemned "those" who would talk directly to the enemies of Israel. He likened it to the appeasement of Nazi Germany before World War II (See Full Story).

Immediately, the Obama campaign reacted as if they were attacked "directly" by George Bush. This is despite the fact that Obama wasn't even mentioned in that speech. Maybe this "recoil" by Barack's campaign is out of guilt. However, Mr. Obama and his team seem to have ignored the fact that Mr. Bush has said, ever since 9/11, that he will never negotiate with terrorist and terrorist countries. This was long before Mr. Obama arrived on the national political scene.

Certainly, there are a number of people in this country and in the world that seem to think it would be appropriate to negotiate with the enemies of Israel. Many of them are known "not" to be friends of Israel. Mr. Obama doesn't have exclusivity on talking about dealing with terrorist and terrorist countries like Iran. In fact, the name of Jimmy Carter sticks out "more" in my mind than Barack Obama. After all, Carter just got back from a charming get-together with an arch-enemy of Israel: Hamas.

Mr. Obama's problem is that he spent so much time with such anti-Israel types such as Louis Farrakhan and Reverend Wright. Further, he pledged that he wpuld unconditionally meet with the President of Iran, an avowed destroyer of Israel. Now, he seems be defensive and, somehow, sensitive to Bush's speech. Hey, he made that bed for himself. It's his to lay in and not to lie about!

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