Friday, May 9, 2008

Obama's Inexperience and Weakness

In a recent blog entry, I wrote about my concern that we could repeat history with the election of Barack Obama as our next President. My concern was that we would be repeating the weakness and inexperience of JFK which, I believe, got us into the mess with the Cuban Missile Crises and which put us squarely on the precipice of nuclear annihilation (See blog entry of April 16).

I think my concern is well founded. Unlike the 1950's and 1960's when we were living with a U.S.S.R. who was as equally afraid of being wiped out by nuclear war as we were, we are now in a struggle with extremists that believe that dying is a religious honor; a badge of great courage in the eyes of their God. These people have no fear of their own deaths if they are able to take us with them at the same time. Their goal is to have a completely Muslim world; one that is extremely founded. Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, and the rest of the non-Muslim religions are incompatible with the world that they envision.

Barack Obama will be seen as weak by them because it is already apparent that he doesn't understand their threat. In his speech of last Tuesday night, he mentioned three Presidents in our history: Franklin Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman, and John F. Kennedy. His purpose of mentioning them was to reinforce his belief that we should negotiate and talk with our enemies. But the stupidity of mentioning those three Presidents -- all of which were Democrats --- is that each one of them lead us into very costly wars: World War II, Korea, and Vietnam.

A writer for Real Clear Politics, Jack Kelly, made note of this and wrote an excellent piece about it (See Full Story). To me, for Mr. Obama to make those references to FDR, Truman and JFK -- in that way -- just shows that he is seriously inept when it comes to foreign affairs. He is just another dangerous idealist; and, not the realist that we need. It also shows the sorry state of our news media. They are so in love with Barack Obama that they are willing to ignore the apparent falsities in the facts he presents. Finally, it also shows how educationally weak we are in this country. That weakness is evident because this candidate for President can get away with, without question, such hollow and erroneous statements. Apparently, we, as a country, are only concerned with the appearance and eloquence of presentation and not the importance of facts being presented. We have truly become the "Hollywood" society. A society of fantastic story lines, props, makeup, and special effects. But, real life is not just a storyline where the bad guys aways lose before they do their evil deeds. In real life people die and stay dead and don't get back up after the movie is over.

Barack Obama's inexperience and weakness is truly a danger in a very dangerous world. Health care, taxes, green jobs, and the rest of his domestic policies won't really matter if we are more seriously attacked than we were on 9/11. For my peace of mind, Hillary Clinton and John McCain are the better choices to keep us safe.

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