Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Something Isn't Right

It is late in the nomination process for the Democrats. Clearly, even the Martians know that Barack Obama has won this. Yet, Kentuckians came out in "droves" to trounce the guy with a 65% to 30% drubbing; giving Hillary Clinton a massive win. This comes on the heals of another near wipeout for Mr. Obama in West Virginia. This is not normal.

There is a message here. But, the Democrats and the national media seem to be playing it down. The primary voters in West Virginia and Kentucky are "clearly" giving Barack Obama a vote of "no confidence".

A lot has been made of the high turnout at the Democratic primaries and caucuses. If you listen to the press and the Obama campaign spinners, it is because Barack has the ability to attract new voters to the Democratic Party. If that was really true, how come there are record numbers of voters coming out against Barack Obama in States like Kentucky and West Virginia? In those States, he is getting lambasted by 2-1/2 to 1 margins.

While the public face for the Obama campaign is "all smiles" about his lead in delegates, I am sure that the campaign's private face is somewhat different. I can't believe they can be happy about what West Virginia and Kentucky are saying about Barack Obama.

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