Friday, May 30, 2008

Hollywood's "Homey" Movies

We've all been there. Some friend of yours or a family member decides to drag out their old home movie collection. If those movies are reminiscent of "your" own particular past, they can be interesting. However, beyond that, most people find them to be fairly boring to watch.

In many ways, Hollywood is like that with their politically-oriented and politically left-wing "homey" movies. They are are a lot like the showing of someone else's old home movies. Maybe they play well to the like-minded "progressives" of Hollywood and to their far-left counterparts who live on the two "coasts" of this country, but they hardly mean anything to most Americans.

There has been a series of "flops" that appear to be movies that Hollywood seems to have made specifically for themselves. Sort of like their own home movies. The best known of this in the last year is the left-wing "Lions for Lambs" from the king of left-wing, Robert Redford. Others include "Sicko" (from another king of left-wing, Michael Moore) and "In the Valley of Elah" which stared Tommy Lee Jones: Al Gore's friend and college buddy. A couple more notables are "Rendition" and the "Good Shepard."

All of them are alike in that they all failed at the box office. They were all flops. But, Hollywood is like a person with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and they just can't help themselves. No matter how much money they lose, they just "can't" believe that the general public isn't interested in their left-wing stuff. They are totally unable to get that "Daily KOS and mentality" out of their heads. So, it is no wonder that they managed another failure. This time it was with the movie "Recount" that was made by HBO.

"Recount" was an small-screen attempt by this left-wing broadcast home of Bill Maher (HBO and Time Warner) to gives some "political" reality (Right!) to Al Gore's failed attempt to cherry-pick a win through a "recount" in a small left-leaning part of Florida. It chronicles Gore's thwarted effort to override the "electoral" vote count by using some kind of "mental powers" to determine voter intent and to "lawyer" his way into the White House. And, the mere thought of Al Gore losing to George W. Bush in this un-Democratic and manipulative process causes every left-winger's blood to boil. It stars a former political operative of the Democratic party, now actor: Kevin Spacey. So, from the very start, you can get a "flavor" of the political "slant" that has to be built into this movie.

Like the rest of Hollywood's "homey-home" movies, this one didn't fare so well either with only one million viewers (See Full Story). As a comparison, the "Sopranos" used to get as many as 11 million watchers for a premier of a new episode.

It is no coincidence that "Recount" was produced and released this year as opposed to next year or, for that matter, even two years ago. With a new four-year election for the Presidency in the wings, this thing was surely intended to stir up old feelings and energize the Democratic base for this Fall's vote; and, you can expect HBO to rerun this thing as often as possible from now until the day the votes are cast in November. Others are being hurriedly produced for a 2008 release and in time to influence the elections. Most notably is Oliver Stone's "W" which is left-wing biography about our current President. It should fit very nicely into the developing mantra of the Obama Campaign that John McCain will be like having four more years of George Bush as President.

With all the get-the-Democrats-elected activity by the left-wing entertainment and news media, labor unions, George Soros funded operations, and the educators in this country, it is really hard to believe that, some how, there is this "vast right-wing" conspiracy out there. Apparently, there is a conspiracy out there. But, it ain't on the Right. Right? Hollywood's "homey" movies is just proof of that!

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