Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Party's Over

It is obvious from the primary results in both Indiana and North Carolina that the Democrats have basically decided on Barack Obama as their nominee for President.

While Hillary won Indiana, she did so by less than 2% of the popular vote. Her performance was substantially worse than even the latest polling had suggested. This says volumes about the Reverend Wright issue with Barack Obama. It basically shows that Democrats could care less about it. Barack is their man despite some question about his 20-year relationship with that person.

At the same time, Barack won by double digits in North Carolina. Again, there is absolutely no evidence that the Reverend Wright situation has changed any minds. Hillary lost by the same factor that most of the polls were saying she would over the last few weeks.

I would not be surprised if Hillary does call it quits by the end of the week because she isn't going to get any boost in fund raising from the results of last night. I really don't think she has the money to continue. This party is over!

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