Friday, May 30, 2008

"Desperately" Seeking Susan

In a recent interview, Susan Sarandon said that if John McCain were elected, she would pack up and go to either ITALY or Canada. (See Full Story).

If there is any single reason for John McCain to win, this is it. Hopefully, she'll take her husband, Tim Robbins, with her. But, in Hollywood, who knows?

If I could suggest a place to go, I would say that she would "fit" right into Naples, Italy. That's where the "trash" is piling up all over the city (See Full Story). Anyway, it would give her a firsthand "exposure" as to how well democracy works in other parts of the world; seeing that she thinks things are "always" so bad in this country.

It always amazes me how so many liberals don't believe in the concept of "Democracy" for America. Life in this country is only acceptable "to them" if they are in "complete" control. If not, they are quick to "threaten" to pickup all their marbles and leave the game (but they never do). How adult of them! The concept of a popularly-elected government, with offsetting balances of power within that government, means nothing to them. There are times when the Democrats will be in control and, when the Republicans have the reins. Usually, we have a mix of Democrats and Republicans because a complete shift to one political party, or the other, is a disaster.

If Susan Sarandon only wanted to live in this country when a Democrat was the President, she would have only lived here for a total of 12 years out of the last 40. Those would have been the years during the Carter and Clinton Administrations. She would have had to bide here time in Italy or Canada through the Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush (Sr.) and the last 8 years of George W. Bush. During the same 40 years, the Democrats have had a majority in Congress for 32 of those years; including the last 2 years since 2006.

Unlike Susan Sarandon, the American people wisely know that to give complete power to one political party is a mistake. That's why, I think, that the American people will probably elect John McCain to balance off what looks to be a Congress that is even more dominated by Democrats than it is today.

So, Susan! Hasta la vista, baby!

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