Saturday, March 28, 2015

68% Of Those Polled Aren't Really Worried About Climate Change

In a recent poll, Gallup respondents were read a list of 6 environmental issues and, in each case, they had to indicate how much and if they were worried about it.  The top issue turned out to be "Pollution of drinking water" with 55% expressing a great deal of worry.  At the bottom was "Global warming or climate change" with only 32% expressing a great deal of worry.  So, conversely, 68% don't see global warming as a very serious issue.

I personally think that all the climate change/global warming believers are themselves responsible for this. Their continual claims that every single weather event is a result of climate change only cheapens their story.  Saying Hurricane Sandy is proof of climate change is a little hard to swallow when, in fact, we have had years of quiet hurricane seasons.  The seas aren't rising as projected and the temperatures have remained flat.  The frozen Himalayas have not turned into a sunbather's paradise.  The fact is that many of the dire predictions of the climate alarmists aren't even close to happening; and, if people can't see it happening their not going to believe that it's a problem.


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