Thursday, March 19, 2015

Is ObamaCare Just Another Welfare Program?

According to, a total of 14.1 million people have been enrolled in Medicaid (free healthcare) as a result of going through the federal and state exchanges for ObamaCare.  Additionally, another 11.7 million have signed up for insurance policies in those same exchanges.  All told, 25.8 million people are receiving their healthcare coverage as a result of ObamaCare being operational for the last two years.

I'm sure that supporters of ObamaCare would say, that all together, those are good numbers.  That is, until you find out that 87% of 11.7 million signups will be getting federal subsidies.  So conversely, only 13% -- or 1.5 million -- of those 11.7 million are paying full fare for the health insurance they chose.  What that really means is that, of the total of 25.8 million enrollees in either Medicaid or insurance in the exchanges, only 5.9% are paying full price.  The rest are only signing up because the government is either footing all or some of the bill.  So, obviously, few are finding it affordable enough to fully pay for the insurance being sold by the Affordable Care Act.

Essentially, ObamaCare is simply looking like another welfare program, and not one designed to improve healthcare or truly expand insurance coverage.   How can it possibly claim to improve  healthcare when thousands of doctors are now refusing to accept ObamaCare insured patients.  Additionally, with the expansion of Medicaid, a recent survey showed that only 45.7% of doctors will even see those patients; down from 55.4% in 2009.  As far as reducing the number of uninsured, still 13.2% or 42 million Americans don't have insurance after two years of ObamaCare being available.  In my opinion, those stats don't show ObamaCare as a shining success.  More like insurance in name only.


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