Monday, March 9, 2015

By Calling Ferguson PD Racist, Holder Cites 'Disparate Impact'

In law, discrimination may be proven by something called "disparate impact".   What disparate impact really means is that if a minority is x-percent of the population, then, any percent of arrest activity "above" that x-percentage is disproportionate and racially biased.  Thus, in the Department of Justice's Report on Ferguson, Attorney General Eric Holder claims that the police department is racist because, while blacks "only" make up 67% of the population of Ferguson, they are involved in 85% of the traffic stops and 93% of all arrests. Therefore, in accordance with the concept of disparate impact, the predominately white police force must be racist.

The problem with the concept of "disparate impact" is that it fails statistically; especially when it comes to the black community.  Blacks, as a whole, makeup 13.2% of our entire population.  Yet, according to Eric Holder's own FBI reports, they commit 49.4% of all murders in this country.  54% of all robberies.  32% of all forcible rapes and, the list goes on.  In addition, blacks makeup 34% of all gangs.

What really matters is whether or not the 85% of traffic stops and 93% arrest rates are justified.  Something that Holder and his gang of attorneys don't seem to want to prove with these top line statistics.  If, in fact, the high arrest rate produces few convictions, then there is truly racial bias.  Or, if too many of the traffic stops weren't justified then, that too, proves racial bias. So, where is that data?

To call the Ferguson Police racist because blacks disproportionately commit crimes is a crime in itself.  If Holder and Obama want to see less black arrests and traffic stops then work on the black community -- not the cops --  to reduce black arrests.  Blaming white cops for the high number of black arrests is a form of political subterfuge of the worst kind; and, it does nothing to solve the high crime rates among blacks in this country. 


Racial disparities in stops and arrests conducted by the Ferguson police department:

Holder Frames Ferguson PD For Racism Using Bogus 'Disparate Impact' Stats:

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TABLE 43a: FBI Crime Statistics By Race:

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