Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Do You Really Think Iran Didn't Know Of Objections To Nuke Deal Until The Cotton Letter?

OK.  Republican Tom Cotton and 46 other Republican Senators addressed an open letter to Iran advising them that -- without two-thirds Senate approval (ratification) -- any agreement or treaty between Iran and the U.S. on a nuke deal would be worthless. For that, Cotton has been vilified in the press and by Democrats for trying to undermine supposed sensitive negotiations with Iran's Ayatollah.  Some are even arguing that Cotton has committed treason under the Logan Act which bans "private" negotiations with foreign governments.  I hardly think an "open letter" to Iran is somehow private.

All this hysteria over Cotton's letter is ridiculous.  Iran probably knows everything that is being said about their nuke deal because of the Internet.  I'm quite sure that they -- like most every country -- has a cadre of tech-savvy personnel whose only duty is to scour the Internet for anything pertaining to their country and, for sure, those nuclear negotiations.  They most likely even watch Fox News all day in order to get the latest anti-Iran tidbits.  Also, may even tune into MSNBC to get some feel-good moments from the political left.

The Democrats and the Obama Administration are fools if they think that a "schooling" of our Constitution is going to sink the negotiations with Iran.  The one thing that Iran knows is that America is an open book with few secrets; especially when it comes to politics.  Just the opposite of their society where truth hardly exists.  Lying is a fact of everyday life in Iran (see reference below).


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