Thursday, March 5, 2015

Hillary's EmailGate: Intentional Deceit and High-Risk Behavior

In just the last few days, we found out that Hillary Clinton, while Secretary of State for four years, used a private email account to "exclusively" (as the New York Times is reporting) conduct State Department business.  We also learned that recently, her former staffers -- in order to comply with federal law -- went through all of her private emails and supposedly culled all those that were State Department-related and forwarded them to that federal agency for proper archiving. Also, as Gawker is reporting, that very email account was hacked into by Guccifer.

Any way you look at it, this latest problem speaks volumes about the character of this woman who would be President.

The account she used in order to circumvent the State Department's "secured" email system, was setup only a week before she became Secretary of State.  This obviously implies that she, from day one, intended to "hide" correspondence from the very agency she was heading up.  Further, she put this country at risk by using an unsecured private account which may or may not have had a strict encryption process applied to it. But, we do know it wasn't too secure because a person by the name of Guccifer was able to hack into her messages.  Then, too, we don't know that her "staff" -- in sorting through them  -- actually forwarded "all" those State Department emails to the appropriate government servers. This leaves in question whether or not some -- either incriminating or questionable in nature -- could have been intentionally left out of the process.

In my opinion, this further demonstrates bad judgement on her part; from White Water to TravelGate; to FileGate and Benghazi.  Questionable judgement and deception is the last thing we should want in any president; especially after Barack Obama. Ron Fournier at the National Journal said it best: "Maybe Hillary Clinton Should Retire Her White House Dreams."


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