Wednesday, March 25, 2015

When Aren't Beheadings 'Acts of Pure Evil'

Back in November, after the beheading of aid worker Peter Kassig by ISIS, President Obama described it as an "act of pure evil".  Further, he also made a point that the ISIS beheadings were not representative of the "Muslim Faith".

Well, perhaps, he should also condemn Saudi Arabia then. That country is on track to set a record for public beheadings in 2015 with 45 already performed. Are they acting as non-muslims?  Or, maybe he should say the same about Iran, Qatar, and Yemen since these countries, too, use beheading as capital punishment.

Any attempt by President Obama to prove that ISIS isn't Muslim because they behead people ignores the fact that, until recently, the practice was even more widespread in the Islamic world.  He may also want to consider the other "evil" punishments common to Islam such as stoning women to death for infidelity or performing honor killings for "shaming" their families.

I guess, I'm a little tired of our President trying to paint Islam as a peaceful religion.  If it's so peaceful, why is there so much strife and war in the Middle East?


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