Monday, September 28, 2015

Climate Deniers! Off With Your Heads! Or, At Least Some Jail Time.

This cartoon is from the website . It laughingly shows the kind of wild predictions we have gotten from the so-called scientists on climate change. From predictions of an impending ice age in the 1970's to contradictions in the frequency of hurricanes that were just years apart. More than a few times climate alarmists and the scientific community have gotten it all wrong.  In fact, a website by the name of pokes fun at these kind of contrary predictions that we keep hearing from the unsettled-theories of the scientific community. Such as predictions of more rain followed by another prediction of less rain.  Or, Antarctica's ice melting and another predicting growing ice.

With this in mind, it's no wonder why many people are skeptical.  That's why in many polls on what this country's priorities should be, climate change is either not even mentioned or falls in the bottom half.  In ongoing Pew Research polling, less than half those polled (45%) believe that global warming is man-made.  Although, that's up from 36% since President Obama took office.  Apparently, his constant calls for action are working to change the opinions of some.

Now, 20 scientists want to shut down those skeptics by using this country's Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO), to throw anyone in jail that denies or promotes the non-existence of man-made global warming and its subsequent impact on climate.  Those scientists have written a joint letter to President Obama and his Attorney General to start prosecuting climate deniers on the basis of racketeering.  And what about the 55% of Americans who don't believe climate change is man-made? Do we have enough room in our jails for them, too?

Well, if were going to start using RICO to go after anyone who denies climate change, then turnaround is fair play.  We should also use RICO to go after those making wildly false climate change claims.  That initself is a form of racketeering. Especially for those who have taken federal funds to do so; starting with NASA and NOAA who appear to have manipulated land-based temperature readings to make global warming seem more severe.  Those two agencies of our federal government are now the subject of an investigation being launched by the scientists at the Global Warming Policy Foundation.  Maybe our Attorney General should launch their own investigation using RICO laws.  Ya think?


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