Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Violent Criminals are Gaining Control of our Streets

With the execution of two white police officers, just days apart, the media has been focused on the increasing number of cops that have been killed since last year's Ferguson riots.  There has also been much attention drawn to the surging murder and other violent crime rates on our major city streets.  All this because many feel we have a President and a Department of Justice that is too quick to blame the cops, and not the criminals.   Thus, weapons are being left on  city streets at increasing numbers because the police have been intimidated into "NOT" conducting traffic stops of suspicious people; especially when it is a car full of blacks.

But, the one thing that the media has not focused on, is the fact that amid rising crime, many police departments are shrinking at an alarming rate.  Back in July, ABC reported this:
Police Face Severe Shortage of Recruits
With the number of applicants down more than 90 percent in some cities, police departments may soon be posting more signs that say “Help Wanted” instead of “Most Wanted.”
Then, too, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch ran this story about the police department of St. Louis County (the home of Ferguson, Mo.):
St. Louis County police losing officers at increasing rate
St. Louis County police officers are quitting the force in what may be unprecedented numbers, leaving commanders scrambling to fill vacancies.

Also, there was this headline about the Camden County Police Department, in one of the most violent counties in Pennsylvania:
Camden County Police Department struggling to keep officers
Nearly 120 officers - including large swaths of recruiting classes - have resigned or retired, making the department's turnover one of the highest in the state.
Simply, because of the politics of policing, existing and potential cops just don't want the job anymore. America's population is increasingly becoming the prey of the violent criminal. I would also expect, that the increased murder of cops will only result in even more resignations; more early retirements; and fewer police recruits in the future.

Thank you Mr. Obama for fundamentally changing America.


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