Friday, September 18, 2015

Obama and the ObamaCare Numbers Game

Earlier this year, ObamaCare concluded its second open enrollment.  With the end of each enrollment period, President Obama was quick to take a victory lap on the numbers. After the 2014 enrollment, he touted that they had met their goal of 8 million signups.  Then, this year he took another victory lap when nearly 12 million (actually 11.7) had enrolled in the state and federal exchanges.

But, the one thing you will never hear from the President are the "real" numbers that show how many people have actually paid for the healthcare insurance they signed up for.  Last year, ObamaCare's enrollment had to be lowered from the original 8 million signups to just 6.7 million.  We didn't see him at the microphones on that one.

This year, the supposed 11.7 million enrollees has shrunk to just 9.9 million paying customers.  Again, we could hear crickets chirping in the background when that was revealed.

But, one thing that the Obama Administration is right on, is the fact that the number of uninsured has been lowered to 11.4%.  And so it should be.  ObamaCare is enrolling millions more people in Medicaid and is imposing fines on individuals for not buying insurance and fines on businesses for not providing insurance.  Simply put, when a girl scout comes to your door and puts a gun to your head, you're going to buy those cookies.  Also understand what 11.4% of 324 million people represent.  That's nearly 37 million who don't have health insurance.  Three-and-a-half times the number of people who have signed up for ObamaCare in the last two years.

Here's another fact that the Obama Administration isn't telling you.  ObamaCare is falling well behind its budget projections.  So much so, that another 10.2 million will have to signup in 2016 to meet the budgetary goals.  Something that's a little hard to believe will happen when you consider that enrollment increases are being halved each year from 8 million in 2014 to just another 3.7 million for 2015. This doesn't even consider the fact that in 2014, 12% of those enrolled never paid; and for 2015 that percentage grew to over 15%.

Of course, none of the major news outlets are reporting any of this in "toto" to show how poorly its actually performing.  No, Mr. President, ObamaCare is not working!


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