Tuesday, September 15, 2015

My Take On the Kim Davis Same-Sex Marriage Controversy

Kim Davis, a County Clerk in the State of Kentucky, has refused to issue a same-sex marriage license. Because of this, a national media firestorm has once again divided the country in much the same way abortion had after another Supreme Court decision known as Roe v. Wade.

According to Kim Davis and her attorney, she refused to issue a same-sex marriage
license that would have her name on it; as if she, and she alone, is the sole authority for issuing a marriage license in the State of Kentucky. The authority to allow two people to get married lies with the State and not a county clerk.  As a clerk, Kim Davis is simply a paper-pushing recorder and a fee-collecting agent of the State of Kentucky who merely certifies that an appropriate fee was collected and that the proper paperwork was generated.  Additionally, county clerks come and go.  That doesn't mean that a license, previously issued by one, is suddenly invalidated when another is elected. Also, a marriage license issued in one county in Kentucky is valid in them all and, through reciprocity, any marriage license issued in one state is valid in all states.  Kim Davis believes that the scope of her job is much bigger than it really is by irrationally believing that she is the one who is authorizing a same-sex marriage.

I believe that a fair God -- as preached by and throughout Christianity -- understands that Kim Davis isn't promoting same-sex marriage in the performance of her duly elected job.  If not, why would any Christian believe in an all-knowing and understanding deity?

Just my opinion on the Kim Davis story.


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