Monday, September 21, 2015

The Media Firestorm Over Trump But Not Sanders

Last week, while taking questions at a Trump campaign event, a man stood up and told Trump that we have a "Muslim problem" in this country; and, that "Obama is Muslim"; and, that "Obama isn't even a U.S. citizen".  Because Trump didn't admonish the questioner for what he falsely said, the media literally spent all day Friday and throughout the weekend in a  frenzy painting Trump as a bigot because he, because of his inaction, broadly labelled all Muslims a "problem".

However, the same media didn't have a similar "broad-brush" reaction with Bernie Sanders when he, at a similar event at Liberty University, stated that this country was "founded on racist principals" and it wasn't until "Obama was elected" that we took a big step forward in shedding those principals.  So, with two sweeping statements Bernie erased why we fought a bloody Civil War and passed several Civil Rights acts that laid the foundation for Obama to ultimately be elected President. According to Bernie Sanders, the whole country is racist.

So, where is the outrage over what Sanders said?  None.  That is because the left-leaning media essentially agrees with him and, like Obama, protects Muslims from any remarks that imply terrorism.


Trump criticised for not rebutting 'Muslim Obama' claim:

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