Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Hillary's Lame Assertions On Classifed Emails

Years back, while serving in the military, I had a classified secret security clearance.  When it was issued to me, I was given a briefing in which I was told that anything I see or hear on the job should be considered classified unless told differently by an official source.

In order to cover her backside for having classified emails on her private server, Hillary Clinton now says that none were marked as such at the time she sent or received them; and that they are now being classified after the fact.  Well, yes.  That's normal policy.

The fact that the State Department had a secured server -- which all personnel were to have used -- was, in itself, a clear indication that the they consider any and all email correspondence as classified until, at some point later in time, those emails were determined to be declassified or appropriately marked as "Top Secret", "Secret", or "Confidential".  This way, State Department personnel are relieved of the constant burden of having to try to determine and personally assign some level of security for each email that they write at the time they are writing them.

The fact that Hillary's emails are now being heavily redacted or being assigned as having some level of security classification, is both consistent with my opening and third paragraph of this blog entry.  Because a Federal Judge has ordered that Hillary's State Department emails be released to the public, personnel who are charged with classifying the emails are pouring over them and editing out any classified information.  This is normal and this is why Hillary's "at the time" excuse is so lame.


Hillary Clinton emails contained 'top secret' material:

Clinton, using private server, wrote and sent e-mails now deemed classified:

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