Thursday, September 10, 2015

Hillary's Latest Big Email Lie? She's 'Sorry'

Whenever a liar gets caught, they always tell another lie in the hope that you'll accept the new one and forget the original.  That's what liars do, and if they sense that you're not believing the latest version, they will create another and dig themselves in even deeper.  This has been the case, for months now, with Hillary and the saga of her private email server.

When the "not-hardly-a-vast-right-wing-conspirator New York Times" exposed Hillary's private server, her immediate "lie" was to say she didn't want to have to use two devices for her personal and State Department emails. Then it was determined that she had already been using two anyway, a Blackberry and an iPhone. She also claimed that Colin Powell also used a private email system.   When the question of the security of her private server came up, we were told that it was secured in her house in Chappaqua with secret service agents guarding it.  Besides that, she claimed that no classified information was ever sent using that server.  When it was disclosed that several emails had contained classified information with two being labeled Top Secret, she claimed that she never sent or received any emails that were in any way marked classified.  Those that have been found, are now being classified after the fact.

Last week, she said that the State Department knew of her server and approved of it.  If that were true, why is she, this week, saying "I'm Sorry" for having the server.  The "I'm sorry" simply exposes the untruthfulness of everything she has said since March.  However, the sincerity of her apology also come across as a lie since it was literally formulated after seeing the result of a focus group.  She doesn't mean it.  It's just another political tactic in an attempt to bury the problem all together.


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