Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Comment About William Ayers and Barack Obama

William Ayers and his wife were the founding members of the notorious Weather Underground. Their activities were, plain and simple, domestic terrorism. The only reason that this man and his wife are out of jail is because the case against them was dismissed. Not because they were found innocent. Not because the evidence against them was either insufficient or weak. But, rather, because of a legal technicality regarding "how" the evidence was collected. Any reasonable person could easily believe that these two people were truly guilty. But, our laws are more concerned with procedural perfection than any prosecution based on facts and on guilt; and, that is why Ayers is running free.

Not once has Ayers ever been repentant about his killing and bombing activities. What's worse, he has been certified as a "good citizen" by his association with the likes of Mayor Daley and Barack Obama. Those associations have gone a long way to give the appearance that William Ayers is a totally innocent man.

Obama has never admitted as to when he first met Ayers. What's so hard about answering that question? Instead we get the "dance" from Obama that he was only 8 years old when Ayers was bombing and killing. That's just a diversionary comment. That to me just speaks volumes about Obama and his association with Ayers. It shows he's hiding the truth. It also reveals Obama's true character and his ideology. Quite scares me!

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