Thursday, October 2, 2008

Gwen Ifill: Advantage McCain Campaign

Alright. The moderator of tonight's debate, Gwen Ifill, is a Democrat and apparently a Barack Obama supporter. I suppose you're really shocked about that! Aren't you? A black journalist from PBS backing Barack Obama? Can you believe it? Like, the Pope isn't Catholic, either!

I think you can readily assume that almost 99.9 percent of the journalists in this country, that could be picked to moderate any political debate, are likely to be political lefties. The good thing about tonight is that Gwen Ifill has been clearly exposed as being an Obama supporter. That's obvious from the glowing book that she has written about Barack and, which is due to be released in January (See Full Story).

The fact that Gwen Ifill's bias has now been exposed will keep her on the straight and the very, very, very narrow during tonight's debate. Anything that would look the least bit biased towards Joe Biden and the Obama campaign or unfairly targeted towards Sarah Palin will be discounted by the watching voters. Even if she isn't really trying to be biased! This, then, gives a lot of advantage to Sarah Palin and the McCain campaign. To some extent, it really disarms any gotcha crap that would normally be pulled by a biased questioner like Charlie Gibson in the first Palin interview.

Right now, McCain is screaming foul over Gwen Ifill. I would hope that he's only doing that because it will tie her hands during the debate. I would also hope that McCain and his campaign are well aware of the advantage they were handed with Gwen Ifill. If anything, it should be the Obama campaign that is asking for a change of moderator. They're the ones that got shot in the foot on this one.

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