Tuesday, October 21, 2008

For Once, I Agree With Joe Biden (Somewhat)

In April, I wrote a piece titled: "Are We Ready for the Mistakes of JFK, Again?" (See Full Story). As I explained in that essay, it was Kennedy's own perceived weakness that caused Russia to move missiles into Cuba. It absolutely wasn't out of any perceived strength in his character. I went on to compare Obama to Kennedy and how his policies, especially talks without preconditions, can be easily perceived as weakness. I hinted that Obama could be tested by the likes of Iran, Russia, and Venezuela. I think you could easily add to that list the likes of Al Qaeda/Taliban, Hamas/Hezbollah, Syria, and, especially, North Korea.

Now, Joe Biden has predicted the same (See Full Story). Of what Joe said, the following is the most important statement: "Watch, we're gonna have an international crisis, a generated crisis, to test the mettle of this guy." Of his statement, "a generated crisis, to test the mettle" seems to say it all. It will be "generated" because of what all those foreign entities. as noted above, see as weakness in Barack Obama. It will assuredly be done "to test his mettle" and to see how much they can get away with, with this "new kid" (and, I mean new 'kid') on the block. If Barack stumbles in his response, expect more and more of the same.

One can only ask what we are getting ourselves into with Barack Obama as President. One could, if not a biased Democrat and a believer in Joe Biden's words, say that a vote for Obama is to vote for an international crisis. Not once in Biden's thesis and prognostication did he mention that the same would happen if McCain were elected. In essence, Joe is saying that an international crisis will be "generated" because of Barack Obama becoming President.

Let's not forget that we have a new axis of evil to deal with at this time in history. That "axis" is already made up of Russia, Iran, North Korea, and Venezuela. All these countries' leaders have been busy working with each other. Chavez, specifically, has traveled to Russia, North Korea, and Iran. They have been exchanging information on nukes and talking down the United States. Russia, Iran, and North Korea have flexed their muscles by conducting missiles tests as if to say "watch out" and to imply that they are coming after us. And, as for Venezuela not having missiles to test, I don't think it is out of the realm to assume that Venezuela becomes the new Cuban missile crisis by agreeing to allow Russian nuclear missiles on their soil. That is one possible test for Obama to confront.

Joe seems to think that Obama will do well in this crisis; although, with "tough, and possibly unpopular, decisions..." This is were I differ from Joe. Obama has a history of avoiding tough decisions. In the Illinois Senate, he voted "present" 130 times to avoid taking a specific stand and to avoid voting either "yea" or "nay" on tough issues. When that call comes in at three in the morning, are we going to get a tough answer or, as usual, are we simply going to get a "present" declaration from a President Obama? My guess is that the "axis of evil" is betting on the latter response and that's why they all think that he should be "tested" when he takes office. Just like Joe said in his prophecy, I, too, can say: "Mark my words!"

One final comment. We may actually see something happen shortly before Obama takes office. This would be a time where Bush would be in a very limited position to define a response and at a time where Obama has barely assembled an Administration that could respond to any international crisis. Late December and early January could be a very tenuous time for this country.

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