Thursday, October 30, 2008

Obama's Push For Early Voting

Not a single campaign rally goes by where Barack Obama doesn't tell his crowds to "vote early" and get their neighbors to vote early too. Certainly, whether you vote now or whether you vote on election day, your vote would be counted the same either way. So then, why the big Obama push to vote early?

I really think the reason is because the Obama campaign is worried. He knows that once you vote you can't take it back. The Obama people are worried that if you wait until election day, you might just change your mind. We have seen in the polls that there is movement towards McCain ever since Joe "The Plumber" hit the scene. Obama's "spread the wealth" comment to "Joe" and the release of an earlier taped interview with a Chicago radio station that appears to say the same thing, is taking a toll. If you discount those silly, double-digit polls by the left-wing mainstream media, like Time, Newsweek, the New York Times and Washington Post, and just focus on the real tracking polls by real polling organizations like Rasmussen, Zogby, GWU/battleground, IBD/Tipp, and Gallup, it appears that Obama's lead is about 3.4 percent with a 2.6 percent margin of error. I am also sure that the Obama Campaign is seeing the same or even worse in their own internal paid-polling.

Barack Obama has always had a problem, as many have said, in closing the deal. In his various primary election duels with Hillary Clinton, all too often, his leads fell apart or completely dissipated on voting day. In case after case, the polls were just plain wrong. Some by as much as 10 or 11 percent.

McCain looks to be losing on paper if you look at the state-by-state polls that can affect the results of the electoral college voting. But those infrequent state polls tend to lag behind what is actually happening in the more-current national polls. For that reason, the state polls might just be overstating an Obama win. The national polls, which can expose possible trends for the state polls, show that there are a lot of undecided voters right now. McCain has a chance to win if he could woo those people in these last few days or "IF" more game-changing information comes out about Barack Obama. There is one other factor, too. When some weakly committed voters are alone in that voting booth, they just might have second thoughts about voting for someone like Barack Obama, who carries so much unfavorable baggage, and who has made so many questionable promises.

With the way things look right now, I really think this election will be won on a razor's edge. It may actually spend days in our courts before being resolved because of all the ACORN crap. I may be wrong but, I don't see a blowout for Obama as his cheerleaders, like the mainstream media, would have you believe. Obama's own words about voting early are, I think, proof of that.

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