Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Long Knives Are Out for Joe "The Plumber"

Ever since, Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, aka Joe "The Plumber", asked a truly simple question of Barack Obama, the mainstream media, team Obama, and Obama supporters have been busy cutting and slicing up "Joe's" personal life. They have actually done investigative reporting on this guy (something they've never really done on Obama, himself) like he was the "one" who is running for office. Every word of reporting by the left wing media is aimed at totally trying to discredit him. They have found that (1) he has a $1600 outstanding tax bill, (2) his name ain't Joe (even though it's his middle name), and (3) he doesn't have a plumber's license. He's being ridiculed for being a plumber who has a shot at the American Dream by having a shot at making more the $250,000 a year in his life. Oh...the horror of that thought! Obviously, the American Dream under an Obama Administration is to drop out of school, work less, pay no taxes, and get spoon-fed by the government. Apparently, those making over $250,000 are just "broodmares" for Obama's system of socialism.

Lost in this whole barrage of attacks against "Joe" is the fact that Barack Obama clearly got caught with his pants down and, thus, exposed his true socialism. When Mr. Obama responded to Mr. Wurzelbacher's question about raising taxes, Obama played his socialist hand by responding that we need to "spread the wealth around".

The left knows that Barack's socialist answer is a real threat to his run for the Presidency. That's why they have gone into "KGB" mode to assassinate Joe. This is truly the case of trying to kill the messenger and not the message. Obviously, Team Obama got caught off balance on this. "Joe" was able to successfully do what the Hillary and McCain campaigns couldn't do against Barack's tax plans; and, so, the napalm is flying.

Hopefully, America won't forget Obama's left wing, socialist answer as they go to the polls. Unfortunately, "Joe", for just being an American with a question, is being flogged in the public forum. "Joe's" plight just shows how in-the-tank our media is for Barack Obama and, clearly, how they are not for the American Dream or the American way.

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