Sunday, October 5, 2008

Out of Domestic Disaster Comes a Democratic Win

If you follow the polls, you can clearly see that Barack Obama is gaining strength every day over the last two-and-a-half weeks. As of this writing, he has a 6-percent combined-average lead over John McCain in the Real Clear Politics reporting of all polls. Almost daily, the lead is extending for Obama.

The best thing that could have happened to the Obama campaign was the credit crisis in this country. Conversely, it was a disaster for McCain and it, alone, may have sealed his loss in about a month. Our society is apparently too educationally naive on this subject to understand that this crisis was primarily created out of a socialistic desire by the Democrats and Obama to put unqualified buyers into housing.

Anytime there is a domestic problem of any significance, the party in power gets kicked to the gutter. In many ways, it was the failures of Katrina/Rita that beat the Republicans in 2006 in their various runs for Congress. If Katrina/Rita had occurred just before 2004, I doubt that Bush would be in office. Now, the credit crisis is going to give Obama the win because it happened on George Bush's watch and because McCain is a Republican. While McCain would be the better candidate to handle this crisis over the long haul, he will lose because of the political "R" behind his name.

History, in terms of the Great Depression, has proven that increased government spending during FDR's Administration actually prolonged the depression. Now Obama is ready to take office in the midst of recession with government spending being his only solution to the problem. I personally don't want to even think about the disastrous effect that could have on our economy.

If this crisis had be an international one, like an Al Qaeda attack anywhere in the world or another move by Russia, McCain would have naturally gotten a bump. But, at this late date and because this credit crisis will continue to linger for weeks and months, voters are going to go to the polls with the economy on their minds and Obama will get the win. It is just that simple. I believe the game is truly over. Sarah Palin's performance slowed the fall of McCain in the polls. However, the mainstream media is doing everything it can to downplay that performance.

The only thing that could rescue McCain at this point would be a major misstep by Obama or some new revelation about his past. A major problem on the international stage might be a game changer. However, I don't really think McCain can change the course of his fate at this late hour. Obama has been a product of a media love affair. Sadly and wrongly, the media seems to think that Obama's background, lack of experience, and his views mean nothing in this campaign. They simply want history to be made. Even if our country suffers from it! The last time the media created a Presidency, we got Jimmy Carter. We all know what a foreign and domestic policy disaster that was.

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