Thursday, September 6, 2012

Obama And Post-Racial Unhealing

When President Obama was elected, it was supposed to represent the final atonement for this country's sins of slavery, racism, and segregation.  He was referred to as the post-racial President; meaning that racism has now been put behind us.  However, Obama's term in office has only exacerbated the racial divide in this country.  The Democrats have used the Obama presidency to examine every word said or action done by Republicans for any signs of racism; whether real or, as in most cases, imagined.

This fact was never more apparent than during the RNC Convention. On a daily basis, liberal columnists at the New York Times, Washington Post, or at MSNBC managed to write something confirming that Republicans are all racists.  One MSNBC commentator said that minorities were being staged to be in front of the cameras so this "white guy" party would look like it was something that it wasn't: racially diverse.  Mike Elk, a labor journalist, tweeted: "Eastwood chair rant was RACIST, white man putting dirty words into mouth of black man like a puppet...".  MSNBC intentionally cut away from every minority speaker to insure that their audience only saw white people speaking at the Convention.  After Mia Love, a black woman, gave a rousing speech before the RNC conventioneers, her Wikipedia page was edited by some liberal; calling her a "house n**ger" and "dirty whore" who was a “total sell-out to the Right Wing Hate machine and the greedy bigots who control the GOP.”  Then, too, Chris Matthews said that every time "Chicago" was mentioned at the Convention, it was actually a super-secret GOP racist reference.

But, the Convention comments were no rare instances of calling out the GOP as racists. Over the years,  any criticism of this President has been labelled racist instead of constructive.  You can't even refer to Obama as being "cool" without it being racist.  This according to the Congressional Black Caucus.  Then there's the use of the term "ObamaCare".  It is considered by many liberals as a racial slur because it negatively refers back to a black man; rather than to the president who promoted it.  Then, there was this gem from Joe Biden.  Speaking before a nearly all-black audience, Biden said that Romney and Ryan want to "put y'all back in chains".

The real fact is that racism and slavery is alive and well in this country.  Unfortunately, it's alive and well in the Democrat party; the very party that claims to be non-racial.  The Democrats, for decades, have "kept" blacks as literal slaves by using racial tensions to insure that blacks cling to their party.  At every possible turn, the Democrats try to make Republicans look like racists.  If any black does stray away and become -- God help them -- a Republican, the Democrats keep them in check by assuring that they will, for ever more, be labelled as "uncle Toms" and "plantation slaves" or "house n**gers".  

In my opinion, Obama's election wasn't post-racial.  It has become hyper-racial.  Instead of celebrating the fact that the Republican party has become so diverse, the Democrats have done everything possible to damage or hide that diversity.  Obama has become a tool for the Democrats to throw racists labels around in a manner and frequency that they were unable to do before he was elected. 

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