Sunday, September 30, 2012

Obama Assails Romney On His "Victims" Comment, But...

Two weeks ago, the now infamous Romney tape was released where he said that 47% would not vote for him because they don't pay taxes and they probably feel like victims.  Of course, Obama is now using that statement to make Romney look like he's writing off half of the country and would only be the President of the other victimless half.  Further, Obama likes to say to the crowds at his campaign events: "I look out here and I don't see victims...I see hard working Americans".

The problem with Obama's words, like those of all Democrats, is that he has always seen certain Americans as victims.  According to Democrats, the blacks of this nation are always being victimized by whites.  The rich only got rich because they got that way off the backs of the poor.  The people losing their homes to foreclosure were victims of greedy Wall Street and greedy banks who steered them into bad mortgages.  People are out of work because greedy corporations are sitting on cash and not hiring.  The inner cities are poor because the wealthy have moved to the suburbs. Women are victims too, because the GOP has declared a war on women.  And, so it goes.

Identifying and politically creating victims is the mantra of all Democrats.  It's the basis of their belief in Social Justice (and Injustice) and income redistribution.  It's the rationale behind every single social program that the Democrats have initiated in this country.  It's how they build their political base and literally buy votes with taxpayer money. Quite simply, without a whole bunch of victims, the Democratic party wouldn't exist.

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