Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Godlessness of the Democratic Party

On Tuesday, it was uncovered that any reference to God and to Jerusalem as the capital of Israel had been removed from this year's Democratic convention platform.  When Bret Baier of Fox News cornered Democratic Senator Dick Durbin on the issue, Durbin angrily responded:
“Well, I can just basically tell you that if the narrative that is being presented on your station and through your channel and your network is that Democrats are godless people, they ought to know better. God is not a franchise of the Republican Party. Those of us who believe in God, and those of us who have dedicated our lives to helping others in the name of God don’t want to take a second seat to anyone who is suggesting that one word out of the platform means that the Democrats across America are godless.”
 Well, yesterday, Durbin's words turned sour when the convention attendees could clearly be heard voting as loudly to keep God and Jerusalem "out" of the platform as those who would add God and Jerusalem back into the platform wording:

Basically, the Dems exposed themselves as being fairly anti-Semitic and very secular with God having no place in the Democratic party.  Actions and words don't lie.  Durbin is a fool.

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